General Election 2017

Everyday, our Tracker records the number of instances each of the 6 candidates in the General Election 2017 appears on the homepage of a selection of 21 news websites in the UK and around the world. So, which candidate do we speak of the most?
Alors, de qui parle-t-on le plus ?
Since the May 29th, this page is not updated.

Tracker is a tool made by Datagif — We made the same thing for the next French election !

Période totale


{{ header.lastDate.text }}, {{ }}, had the most mentions with {{rankingFirst.mentions}} mentions, followed by with {{rankingSecond.mentions}} and with {{rankingThird.mentions}}. {{header.diffMentions[0].firstname + ' ' + header.diffMentions[0].lastname }} had the largest increase in mentions, from {{header.diffMentions[0].yesterday_mentions}} to {{header.diffMentions[0].today_mentions}} in 24 hours.

Mentions by candidates

  • Mentions by news website

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